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Finland recognized Singapore on 13 August 1965 and the two countries established diplomatic relations in 7 February 1973. The Finnish representation to Singapore was first taken care by the Embassy of Finland in New Delhi and later in Jakarta. Finland has had a resident ambassador in Singapore since May 1st,1996.

The Ambassadors of Finland to Singapore

Wilhelm Schreck, Ambassador (New Delhi) 1973-1974
Riitta Örö, Ambassador (New Delhi)1975-1979
Risto Hyvärinen, Ambassador (New Delhi)1980-1982
Pertti Kärkkäinen, Ambassador (Jakarta) 1982-1985
Erik Heinrichs, Ambassador  (Jakarta) 1985-1989
Timo Koponen, Ambassador (Jakarta) 1989-1992
Veli J. Ollikainen, Ambassador  (Jakarta) 1992-1996
Jukka Leino, Ambassador (Chargé d'Affaires a.i.1994-1996) 1996-2000
Kim Luotonen, Ambassador 2000-2004
Risto Rekola, Ambassador 2004-2007
Satu Mattila, Ambassador 2007-2011
Ari Heikkinen, Ambassador 2011-2015
Paula Parviainen, Ambassador 2015-

The Ambassadors of Singapore to Finland

Papanasam Setlur Raman, Ambassador (Moscow) 1973-1976
Josep Francis Conceicao, Ambassador (Moscow) 1978-1981
Ho Guan Lim, Ambassador (Moscow) 1982-1984
Kemal Siddique, Ambassador (Moscow) 1984-1986
Chiang Hai Ding, Ambassador (Moscow) 1986-1990
Joseph Francis Conceicao, Ambassador (Moscow) 1990-1994
Bilahari Kim Hee Papanasam Setlur Kausikan, Ambassador (Moscow) 1994-1995
Tony K. Siddique, Ambassador (Singapore) 1997-2004
Cheng Eng Lua, Ambassador (Singapore) 2004-2007
Jayalekshmi Mohideen, Ambassador (Singapore) 2007-

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